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Think of it as a bank robbery: You want to get at the good stuff without setting off the alarms.

Our mission is explicit. We created Proof Films to free people up from all the distractions so they can get right to the joy of doing their best work. We take talented visionary creatives to that place where they’re free to take risks and do stuff that hasn’t been seen before. Because regardless of the medium, or the size of the project, the proposition is always the same. How do you set people up to do their best work? 

It’s not always easy. It’s about changing the relationship between work and play. If you do the work, you get to play; and that’s where it’s all happening. When you see all these people from different backgrounds and skill sets and temperaments come together, you feel like you’re getting away with something.

Proof is a full-service production company, based in New York and Los Angeles. We collaborate with creative professionals and advertising agencies worldwide. Our production expertise spans all types of media. We started in the Wild West of music video production, went on to produce iconic television shows, and innovative live, interactive concert shows, award winning dramatic and documentary feature films, passionate promos, and scores of ground-breaking print ads and television commercials.

Sometimes we’re sweating bullets in a marketplace in Mumbai or up on some volcanic field in Iceland freezing our asses off; but we always find ourselves thinking, how is it that we get to do this for a living?

If you need more proof, give us a call. We're at 212.727.7445 or




production planning

budget management


talent negotiations

celebrity coordination

talent booking

location scouting


art direction

set design


crew bookings


craft service

behind the scenes


shoot supervision


equipment rental

vehicle hire




art buying

Louise Feldman
Executive Producer

Jaye Nydick
Executive Producer

Ally Feldman

New York Office 442 Lorimer Street, Suite D173, brooklyn, NY 11206

Los Angeles Office 4815  Algoma Ave Los Angeles, CA 90041

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